Cvernovka Danubius

Danubius Cvernovka, former thread and textile factory at Trnavské mýto, established in 1909, built by architect Mayereder and Pittel & Brauseweter engineering company. The part of building documented was visited shortly after the factory complex was disaffected, and it was subsequently demolished. The remaining building, still standing nowadays, is subject of heated debate between architecture conservationists and city business interests as to its status as an architectural landmark.
First factory explored where I found more than ruins and vague signs of human activity. Everything shot in a hurry, with a cheap lens and a poor set of skills, looking over our shoulders whether the bored guards might decide to pop in for a last look at their working lives. Feeling as if running through a colorful spider nest, all still very much alive and ready to move again, function, trap us in soft cutton.


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