• liminal

book and transmedia project with Zuzana Husárová
Slovak version: Ars Poetica, Bratislava, 2012.
English version: Dive Buki, Košice, 2013
more here: http://liminal.name
“liminal and lucent coexist together, because they work with the perception of spacetime. These transmedia projects of Zuzana Husárová and Amalia Roxana Filip cover two books of visual poems, sound poems and live performances. Sound poetry as well as live visuals follow the same concept as the visual poetry on the printed pages. In the case of liminal it is travelling through time, space, states, between five parts of a day, in the case of lucent it is experiencing different aspects and dimensions of space, delivered in five parts. The perception of their specific poetics is transmitted textually, visually, with spoken word and sound. The projects are in constant evolution, bits being added at a time: whether sounds and animations, or documentation from our live performances.”
project = book && sound poetry && live performance

photo by Nikolas Bernáth © 2014