• Kloaka

graphics, layout and DTP for KLOAKA, a Slovak literary magazine [2012-2013]
all issues are freely available for download here: kloaka.membrana.sk/category/casopis
• client: Literis, non-governmental organization

issue 1/2012

concept: authors are the most important, their names stand up; all theoretical texts in minimal style; all literary texts on abstract illustration backgrounds [created based on reading them] – the experiment reached an end when I realized how difficult it is to balance text and illustration

issue 2/2012

concept: abandoning illustration backgrounds, focusing on details in images and “framing” them

issue 3/2012

concept: the text part was a parody/comment on Slovak Constitution >> the whole color scheme reflected the colours of the Slovak flag, images are all free under creative commons [which is still not possible in Slovakia], and they were meant as a comment either on the titles of the individual chapters, or the text itself [cover included]

issue 4/2012

concept: a killing deadline asked for a fast expedition, in BW

issues 1-3/2013

redesign + new concept: abandoning the double spread layout, and the illustration background, and the old type, trying to achieve a cleaner look, and enhancing titles/content instead of authors